China Coronavirus Is Out Of Control

Lab Reagents

Coronavirus Control Laboratories manufactures the china coronavirus is out of control reagents distributed by Genprice. The China Coronavirus Is Out Of Control reagent is RUO (Research Use Only) to test human serum or cell culture lab samples. To purchase these products, for the MSDS, Data Sheet, protocol, storage conditions/temperature or for the concentration, please contact Coronavirus Control. Other China products are available in stock. Specificity: China Category: Coronavirus Group: Is Out

Is Out information

SARS Coronavirus antibody

10C-CR9003M1 100 ug
EUR 598.8
Description: Mouse monoclonal SARS Coronavirus antibody

Canine Coronavirus protein

30-1252 1 mg
EUR 548.4
Description: Purified Native Canine Coronavirus protein

Coronavirus 229E Protein

  • EUR 1062.00
  • EUR 410.40
  • EUR 1930.80
  • 0.5 mg
  • 100 ug
  • 1 mg

Coronavirus Antibody (Biotin)

abx414379-025mg 0.25 mg
EUR 895.2

Inactivated Coronavirus Antigen

VAng-Lsx0053-1mg 1 mg
EUR 1365.6
Description: Coronavirus, natural protein.

Out At First Protein Homolog (OAF) Antibody

abx146027-100ug 100 ug
EUR 469.2

Out At First Protein Homolog (OAF) Antibody

abx027798-400ul 400 ul
EUR 627.6

Out At First Protein Homolog (OAF) Antibody

abx027798-80l 80 µl
EUR 343.2

Recombinant (E.coli) Purified Transmissible Gastroenteritis Coronavirus (TGEV)-S1 protein control for western blot

TGEVS11-C 100 ul
EUR 343.2

Human Serum Indoxyl Sulfate (IS) ELISA Kit

abx257961-96tests 96 tests
EUR 895.2

Human IS(serum indoxyl sulfate) ELISA Kit

EH4913 96T
EUR 681.12
Description: Method of detection: Coated with Antigen, Competitive ELISA;Reacts with: Homo sapiens;Sensitivity: 18.75 ng/ml

EtB Out Nucleic Acid Staining Solution20,000 x RoomTemperature

FYD007-200P 200 Preps, 1 ml Ask for price

Mouse Coronavirus ELISA Kit

abx055027-96tests 96 tests
EUR 801.6

Rat Coronavirus ELISA Kit

abx055063-96tests 96 tests
EUR 801.6

Human Coronavirus ELISA Kit

abx055692-96tests 96 tests
EUR 801.6

Bovine Coronavirus (Peplomer) Antibody

abx021644-1mg 1 mg
EUR 811.2

Coronavirus Sample Preparation Solution

M1461-50 50 ml
EUR 478.8